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Be a hero and make a difference for kids with cancer today!

Your money goes towards helping an underprivileged child fight cancer with:

  • Better Nutrition
  • Nutritional supplements
  • Hot Meals
  • Nutritional support post treatment to avoid relapse

For more information, call us on +91 22 6173 7000 or email us on:


Donate every month to help a child win the fight against cancer.


When you give to Cuddles every month, you take off our expense of sending you reminders to donate every month, so that we can put that money back into where it’s needed most, like Nutrition and Sustainability.


We are committed to give what we can month on month until we can finally say that every child who can be cured of cancer has had a chance at it. Without us, there is no programme for nutrition at the hospitals where we work.


We’re putting research and teams of nutritionists to work so we can ensure that children win this battle against cancer, for years to come.