Stories Of Hope

Stories Of Hope

A few happy-ending real life stories of the children we’ve helped.


Rizwan, a 14 yr old boy, is diagnosed with ALL. His baseline weight was 40 kgs, heigth: 159 cms and MUAC 6.3 cms. He could barely stand and walk and came to OPD on wheel chair. His weight dropped to 36 kgs with MUAC as 6cm in the first month. After strict follow ups and dietary advise he started gaining weight, his appetite started proving. His weight in the second month cameupto 38.4 kgs and MUAC as 7.6 cms.n

He loves to watch cartoons. Ninja Hathori and ChotaBheem are his favorites.

 His brother is very happy to see such improvement. He even likes to eat Threptin biscuits.

Vishnu also likes his Pediasure in milk along with Threptin biscuits.

Vishnu Chauhan

Vishnu Chauhan, a 10 year old, has been diagnosed with Medistinal mass. Five months back when he visited the hospital his weight was 14kgs and height was 118cm. Currently the boy has gained 9kgs with his present weight being 23.1kgs and height being 124cms.

He wants to continue his studies once he is cured.

He goes to school right now and loves playing with his brother. His favorite subject in school is Hindi and he loves reciting poems. He even enjoys drawing.

Vishnu also likes his Pediasure in milk along with Threptin biscuits.
This is one child who has shown massive improvement.


Sohil , 12 year old from Uttar Pradesh, has been diagnosed with AML. One month back when he came for the treatment first time his weight was 21.9 kg, Height was 127 cm and was in a lot of pain, could barely stand. His parents left no stone unturned to understand the inputs by a nutritionist and they made a point to implement everything that a nutritionist said. After a month he has gained weight to 23.7 kg and height has increased to 129 cm.His dream is to study ahead and become successful in life. He loves Mathematics and his teachers are very happy that he is  home so he can get back to studying. He also loves our Threptin biscuits and definitely supplements like this play an important role in increasing height and weight to tide over severe weight loss.

Atharva Shivsharan

Atharva Shivsharan, 4 years seven months old, child suffering from pre B cell ALL was admitted for febrile neutropenia. The patient’s dietary intake when at home had dropped down to less than 18% of his requirement. Atharva was a severely malnourished child with 10.7kgs weight and height 93cms. He persistently had low platelets count and low ANC for which oral intake was encouraged over RT feeding (Feeding through nasal gastric feeding), under strict supervision RT tube was inserted and buttermilk banana egg diet was advised through RT feeds along with oral diet. Through RT feeds he was meeting 100% of his daily requirement plus his oral intake also improved slowly. His weight improved from 10.7 to 11.3kgs. The patient seemed to be more playful as also his ANC and platelets count improved.

Shiv Kumar Choudhari

Shiv Kumar Choudhari a young 15 year boy recently underwent successful bone marrow transplant at Sion hospital. This was the first ever bone marrow transplant at a government hospital in Maharashtra. Shiv Kumar’s donor was his younger brother Bablu Choudhari aged 7 years.  Approximately it took 45 days for the whole procedure.  During the course his pre-transplant weight was 40kgs but due to continues nutritional guidance by our nutritionist his weight was increased up to 42kgs during the transplant. Throughout the treatment he was on neutropenic diet which helped him to overcome side effects of strong drugs and chemotherapy. Our nutritionist helped him to successfully complete the treatment. 


Our cute, little Hamza is trying very hard to battle Wilm’s Tumor, which is a cancer of kidney. His treatment began with chemotherapy and as is the case with every patient, he lost his appetite, leading to a drastic fall in his food intake. We tried to make it easy for him with options of easy to make and easy to digest food, but without much luck, days passed and it became necessary to provide him with nutrition through blood. Soon after, he was operated, and in a few days began eating small quantities of food. He also started accepting changes we suggested in his diet plan, as well as a packet of mixed dried fruits to have with milk. The most noticeable change however, said our dietitian, was that Hamza finally smiled two days before being discharged. He is going to be back on chemotherapy, which had halted due to the complications. We wish him good luck for a complete recovery and promise to support him though the entire journey. 

Gautam’s Mother

“My husband works in a factory but his wages are too less. Due to which we were not able to get constant ration or do anything beyond the very basic meal for the child. Providing us with monthly ration has helped us feed our child nutritious meals at home”. – Gautam’s Mother

Naziya’s Mother

“I am thankful for providing us with monthly ration. As we cannot afford feeding the family this program is like a blessing. All this while we feeding ourselves through the little help we got from my maternal family. As a result of this we don’t have to be dependent on our family”. - Naziya’s Mother

Lavanya’s story

Lavanya, a 2 year old girl was diagnosed with Wilms’ tumor in the district hospital at Satna in Madhya Pradesh. Her father worked as a helper in a press factory and took a while to arrange the funds for treatment, during which time the tumour grew rapidly and filled her entire stomach. She lost her appetite completely and became severely cachectic.

They finally managed to bring her to Tata Memorial when she was just skin and bones with her abdomen filled with a football sized tumour that weighed more than she did. It was cutting off her air supply, and she was gasping in emergency. Her blood sugar levels were also dangerously low. She was immediately transferred to the ICU and put on a ventilator. She was started on chemotherapy after confirming her tumour type. Since she was severely malnourished and on the ventilator, a tube was inserted into her stomach, and an expensive semi-elemental (predigested) calorie and protein rich supplement treatment was started.

Her tumour started to shrink within 72 hours and she was removed from the machine. She still required 1 month of intensive tube feeding to regain her lost weight and appetite after which she underwent surgery to remove her cancerous kidney. She finished her remaining chemotherapy over 4 months with continued enriched diet and supplements provided by Cuddles. She completed her therapy and is now free of her cancer. Her family cannot believe that their daughter is now healthy again and are grateful beyond words for what Tata Memorial and Cuddles Foundation did for their family.

Manish’s story

Manish, a 5 year old from Badayu village, Uttar Pradesh, suspected to have blood cancer came to Tata Memorial Hospital after a long journey through many hospital admissions. He was admitted immediately as he was extremely malnourished (weighed only 10 kilos), was bleeding and had pneumonia. Despite confirmation of his blood cancer at Tata memorial, he was ineligible for starting chemotherapy due to his poor nutrition.

He was given intensive nutritional supplementation, multivitamins, minerals and a fortified diet. He gained weight and also cleared his pneumonia with antibiotics allowing him to start standard chemotherapy after 1 month. After starting intensive chemotherapy, he lost his appetite, developed mouth sores and diarrhoea. Since his gut was infected, he was unable to take anything from mouth and started losing weight and was on his death bed. With the help of Cuddles, he was started on intravenous parenteral nutrition (food given through blood) for 2 weeks till his gut recovered. His condition dramatically improved with intravenous nutrition and he gained weight again.

He finished his chemotherapy on time and repeat blood and bone marrow tests after 6 weeks revealed that he had won over his cancer. He finished 3 more months of therapy to ensure complete eradication of his cancer and is a proud victor today, going to school and hoping to become a doctor in the future.

Harshid Surve's story

Harshid Surve, a 7 year old boy, residing in Surat, visited Mumbai for the first time for an unfortunate cause. He had been suffering from on and off episodes of fever and then diagnosed with T- cell blood cancer and referred to Wadia hospital 3 months ago. His parents accompanied him, leaving their 2 other children in the care of their family. When Harshid began treatment, his body did not respond well to it causing him to become partially paralytic. This was a very crucial and critical period for the child as well as the parents. During this period as he stabilised he faced difficulties in swallowing food despite being hungry. They were still a new family in Mumbai, and there were many feelings of being lost, of guilt, helplessness and fear.

Urvi, the nutritionist from Cuddles Foundation who was working closely with his parents to ensure that Harshid the right kind of nutrition, started him on tube feeding with high calorie semi elemental protein supplements. Within 1 month he responded and gradually improved to gain 4 kilograms in 3 months, from 17kg to 21kg, which is an incredible 23% increase in body mass. Fortunately, he can now eat and walk independently, thanks to the physiotherapy he has received.

Since then the family has been very content with the treatment Harshid has received. There are tears in his mother’s eyes, as she begins to recount his improvement. With Urvi by her side, providing reassurance and empathy, wipes her eyes and smiles, “I am very happy today to see my child survive and do so well”.

Just like any other child of his age, Harshid is a child full of life and fun. He loves to play games on computer, mobile and watch cartoons. His favorite color is orange, and he enjoys eating fruits and sweets.

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