From hand writing thank you notes to helping out at the hospital, we love our volunteers.

They have been professional painters, photographers, management consultants, pre-school teachers, students, retired seniors and moms.

Of course, we could always do with more help!

Looking Out For



You’ll have the unique opportunity to work with our nutritionists as they chalk out diet plans for the children and follow up on their eating schedules. If you love children, don’t mind hospitals, have a keen eye for logistics and a heart for leadership, contact us right away!


If you like playing the joker in a party, adore the company of children, are good with art and craft, storytelling, please ping us. It’s time to get your skills tested by our beautiful kids.


Enjoy playing office-office? From data management to events to fundraising, there’s always much to do at our office. You’ll work across teams, learn the basics of management, enjoy a lot of chatter, and head home knowing you’ve saved a life.

Get Involved