Identifying Hospitals

Identification of Hospitals where underprivileged kids go to seek treatment for Cancer.

Signing MOU

Signing of the MOU with the hospital (As of Apr 2017 – Operational in 19 Hospitals).

Hiring Nutritionists

Hiring Nutritionists with M.Sc in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics (As of October 2017 – 30 Nutritionists on rolls).


In-house training of the nutritionists by trained professionals under guidance of Doctors in the specialized field of pediatric oncology nutrition.


The nutritionists are placed at the hospitals and work under the guidance of a Senior Pediatric Oncologist.


Program roll-out with nutritional counselling, diet charts for children, care-giver counselling, hot meals, nutritional supplementation and ration baskets.


Ongoing monitoring of nutritional advice provided by the nutritionists and progress of the children.


Nutritional Counselling and Intervention

We provide the hospital with nutritionists who assess the nutritional status of each child, plan nutritional intervention and counsel caregivers.

Nutritional Supplementation

The nutritionists prescribe various OTC products and supplements which are provided to the children free of cost.

Meal Supplementation

Fresh, nutritionally balanced, calorie appropriate hot meals are provided to every kid visiting the hospital OPD for treatment.

Monthly Ration Program

To reduce treatment abandonment by families, we provide a family of 3 with ration supplies for one month.

Caregiver Education Program

Group counselling workshops or parent support group meets are conducted at the hospitals to educate caregivers about nutrition and hygiene.

Knowledge and Research

We support the nutritional fellowship program of TATA Memorial Hospital where participants are trained by top local and international oncologists and experts in the field of nutrition about the science of nutrition for pediatric cancer patients.


Our focus areas for impact are:

Providing much-needed holistic nutritional support to undernourished children (if we don’t exist the children won’t get this nutrition)

(#Approximately 30% are unique children, i.e., one child is counted once; the remainder of the 70% interactions include follow-up visits by the same children.)

Reduction in Abandonment rates

Families typically leave when they are unable to provide for their other children. With our food baskets and hot meals families get incentivised to stay and complete the treatment. *In a study done by the Tata Memorial Hospital, the treatment abandonment rates have gone down from 20% to 3.7% after holistic intervention. One of the biggest contributors to this positive trend is nutrition.




Technology has permeated every aspect of our everyday lives whether it’s daily commute, food ordering, or counting the steps we’ve taken through the day. We were curious to see if technology can help us nourish our children better, faster and more efficiently. Armed with the goodwill and skills of a few volunteering app developers and, our years of working knowledge of pediatric cancer nutrition, we created the CuddlesApp.

Automated. Intuitive. Caring. Real time.

The CuddlesApp uses algorithms and protocols developed by nutritionists, WHO and senior oncologists in pediatric cancer care over the years. Our nutritionists can now:

  • Calculate a child’s grade of malnourishment within seconds
  • Sum up a child’s nutritional deficiency and requirement
  • Record the route of feeding
  • Save a diet plan

Standardising Care

The App reduces time taken by each nutritionist by automating mundane calculations and reducing human error.

Increasing reach and effectiveness

It increases reach by allowing more patients per nutritionist. And, providing more time for patient-care and counsel.

 Impact Assessment

In one single view, we will know the difference we are all making in helping a child fight cancer. We can monitor progress, make informed decisions and help children get better. Sooner.

The CuddlesApp is both an online and offline app making it easy to use in remote areas with poor network connectivity. It is currently being used at some of the largest government and charity cancer hospitals across India.

To know more about how we use technology to heal and to partner with the CuddlesApp, please drop us a line at team@