In India, 80% children diagnosed
with cancer are malnourished

50,000 children are diagnosed with cancer every year in India. Only 22% of them make it to hospitals for treatment. 80% of them are malnourished at diagnosis. Without nutrition the body reacts to chemotherapy as if it’s been poisoned and roughly about 4,000 children abandon treatment due to this every year. If the child is underweight, appropriate dosages of chemotherapy cannot be administered reducing the chances of cure by 30% as compared to an adequately nourished child.

90% of children seeking treatment at government hospitals come from a low socio-economic background. Many of them have to relocate to big cities where the hospitals are. When in the city, their parents earn very meager incomes so they either end up living on footpaths or dharamshalas (shelter homes). Most of the days, the parents go without all 3 meals and sometimes even so does the child with cancer.

Nutrition makes all the difference

Treatment is on track

When they are well-nourished, children are able to tolerate treatment and experience reduced side-effects such as nausea, vomiting, mucositis, diarrhea etc. They stay on the treatment plan as scheduled, thus ensuring they get better as quickly as possible.

Better food choices

When equipped with the right guidance and knowledge about how to do the best within their limited means, mothers make better food choices for the child as well as the rest of the family.

Reduction in abandonment

Nutrition support means one less thing for the parents to worry about. They don’t have to choose between the life of their child and the fate of their family.

Motivated Doctors

Nutrition helps medicine perform to its fullest potential. Doctors are motivated when they see children responding well to their treatment.

Food Cures!

Using a multi-pronged approach of nutritional counseling and diet planning, meal supplementation, ration baskets and hot meals, we are tackling a simple but ignored aspect of a child’s successful recovery from Cancer.


Our nutritionists build capacity at government hospitals so each child gets much needed counseling and customized diet planning.

Protein supplements

Equip the nutritionists to improve the nutritional status of these children in order to process chemotherapy.

Hot meals, fruit and milk

Ensure that kids get 30% of their calorific needs for the day when they visit the hospital for their chemotherapy.

Ration bundles

Support parents and help curb treatment abandonment rates in the first few months of registration.

Here are three ways you can help