Cancer And Malnutrition

40% of children lose the fight with cancer due to malnourishment.

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Our holistic approach to nutrition includes Counselling, Supplementation, Hot Meals and Monthly Ration.

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We are helping children stay in treatment by reducing abandonment from 20% to 3.7%.

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Cuddles Foundation is the winner of the National Award for Child Welfare, 2015-16.

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About Cuddles

Cuddles Foundation provides holistic nutritional support to underprivileged children fighting Cancer

Cuddles Foundation is the only NGO in India that focuses on providing holistic nutritional support to underprivileged children fighting cancer. We work through partnerships with government and charitable hospitals that treat underprivileged children (of whom 70% are malnourished when brought in).

Our nutritionists, trained specifically for paediatric cancer nutrition, work with our partner hospitals to monitor the child’s progress, create diet plans and nutritional charts, counsel their parents and educate them in home-based nutrition. We provide children undergoing treatment with food, hot meals, nutritional supplements and ration baskets as per their charts, so that the kids have the strength to fight their cancer.

We are a Trust registered under the Mumbai Public Trust Act, 1950.

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Nutritionists across Hospitals

Doctors Speak

Since Cuddles started providing my kids at the hospital with nutrition, I see a positive impact on the cure rates. I now know that we can continue our treatment even if the child is severely malnourished. I do feel supported.

Dr. Brijesh Arora,Tata Memorial Centre, Mumbai.

Nutrition is an important but often neglected issue when treating children with cancer. We are thankful to Cuddles for their support to our children. Their nutritionists are carefully chosen, well trained and enthusiastic. A definite asset to our program at MNJ.

Dr. Sudha Sinha,MNJ Cancer Hospital, Hyderabad.

The children and their families have certainly benefited tremendously from this initiative in the past two years. Although we as doctors have the expertise for the treatment of these children, it is sometimes insufficient. Collaborating with Cuddles, these children now receive the essential dietary support for themselves and their families

Dr. Vibha Bafna,Bharti Vidyapeeth Hospital, Pune.

Poor nutrition leads to poor cure rates and higher complications especially infections in children with cancer. Cuddles’ has made tremendous impact in this neglected aspect of care for these children. I thank them for all the support.

Dr. Sunil Bhat,Kiran Mazumdar Shaw Cancer Centre, Bangalore.

Stories of Hope

Our time in the hospitals gives us a personal view on what its like to get access to nutrition, when the child is in treatment. The children and their families whom we have touched, inspire us! Every one of them is a story worth sharing.


2-year old Lavanya was diagnosed with Wilms' tumor in the district hospital at Satna, Madhya Pradesh. Her father worked as a helper in a press factory and took a while to arrange the funds for treatment, during which time the tumour grew rapidly and filled her entire stomach. She lost her appetite completely and became severely malnourished.


Manish, a 5 year old from Badayu village, Uttar Pradesh, suspected to have blood cancer came to Tata Memorial Hospital after a long journey through many hospital admissions. He was admitted immediately as he was extremely malnourished (weighed only 10 kilos), was bleeding and had pneumonia. Despite confirmation of his blood cancer at Tata memorial, he was ineligible for starting chemotherapy due to his poor nutrition.

Harshid Surve

Harshid Surve, a 7 year old boy, residing in Surat, visited Mumbai for the first time for an unfortunate cause. He had been suffering from on and off episodes of fever and then diagnosed with T- cell blood cancer and referred to Wadia hospital 3 months ago. His parents accompanied him, leaving their 2 other children in the care of their family.

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